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Wicks & Wilson C-400 Aperture Card Scanner

Aperture Card Scanner
 The Wicks & Wilson C-400 aperture card scanner offers high productivity and excellent image quality. This scanner is suitable for highly dependable scanning of microfilm document collections, preserving microfilm quality.

Image quality
The Wicks & Wilson C-400 can scan at an image quality of 100 to 400 dpi. The bundled ScanCard software offers image processing features such as rotation, repositioning, cropping and deskew in B&W mode.
High-quality images are obtained, suitable for processing on a plotter. The Wicks & Wilson C-400 features a reduction ratio of 7.5 to 36x (variable).

Scanners connected to a wide-format plotter offer users a “Scan To Print” package with a number of applications:
– A0 output aperture card reader-printer function,
– aperture card scanning for EDM system integration,
– printing of existing CAD files.
The Wicks & Wilson C-400 offers the following output formats: TIFF and CALS.

The Wicks & Wilson C-400 is suitable for B&W scanning at a speed of 350 A2 aperture cards per hour at 200 dpi and 300 aperture cards per hour at 400 dpi. Its feeder has a capacity of 150 cards.
The “Hollerith” punch reading feature automatically configures the document format to be reproduced on the plotter. The simplified control software allows you to use the scanner-plotter assembly as a self-service reader-printer.

  • Excellent quality image and reliability
  • 350 CAF/H en 200 dpi et 300 CAF/H en 400 dpi / chargement 150 cartes
  • Reduction ratio 7.5x to 36x
  • Software Scancard include