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Wicks & Wilson 8850

Roll Film Scanner

– Film Types: 16/35mm spools, 16mm cartridge (M-type, C-clip), positive/negative, silver/vesicular/diazo, simplex/duplex, COM, portrait (cine)/landscape (comic)
-Spool Size: 30m (100ft), 64m (215ft) thin base, 300m (1,000ft)
-Resolution: 100 – 600 dpi
-Reduction Ratio: 16mm 7.5x to 50x (variable); 35mm 7.5x to 36x (variable)
-File Format: Bitonal – TIFF, CALS, PDF; Grayscale – JPEG, BMP, JPEG 2000, RAW TIFF, PD


  • Available New or Reconditioned
  • MSRP: $69,900
  • Call for Price