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Wicks & Wilson C-250 Aperture Card Scanner


The C-250 was replaced by C-400, but reconditioned C-250 are available


• Archive accessibility – scanning enables digital print, email and distribution of a microfilm aperture card
archive from the desktop; giving more output options than traditional solutions
• Automation – the C-250 is capable of unattended batch scanning; automatically sizing the drawing and
naming the file from the Hollerith code
• Digital Microfilm Printing (DMP) – featuring digital zoom and review before printing; interfaces with any printer
or plotter featuring a Windows-certified driver
• Latest digital imaging technology – create high quality images; go straight from film to digital
• Designed for microfilm – optics, scan engine and Smartcode image processing algorithms all developed by
Wicks and Wilson specifically for microfilm scanning; getting the most from your microfilm archive
• Compact design – the C-Drive is the world’s first zero foot-print microfilm scanning system; fits inside your
PC, so no additional space required
• Imaging tools – digital image enhancement filters, rotate, deskew and crop tools give the best possible results
• Reliability – Wicks and Wilson’s many years of experience in building production scanners now available
in a compact design
• Ease of use – fully integrated scan procedure and DMP interface provides simple operation and increased
productivity; scan-to-file, scan-to-print or scan-to-view
• Flexibility – all models capable of scanning any ISO aperture card, with no extras or modifications to purchase
• Effortless – a straightforward walk-up solution that is a true replacement for your reader-printer


• CCFL light source – reliability and consistency for a high quality image
• Display whilst scan – transfers image data to the screen as soon as the scan starts; near-instant image view
• Dual-save – simultaneously saves greyscale and bitonal files from the same aperture card image for
improved productivity
• Hi-Speed USB – plug and play connectivity; simple and effective, reduces set-up time
• Horizontal card feed – proven system providing simple load procedure and reliable card feed
• Multi-level software – simple DMP interface allows anyone to digitise a card with minimal effort; advanced
interface offering more control for the experienced user
• Print collation – automatically collates drawing sets ready for printing
• Smartcode Image Processing – powerful multi-resolution tools for image enhancement
• Virtual rescan – automatically reprocesses the scanned image with alternative imaging parameters; no need
to physically rescan the aperture card

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