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Mekel M665

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Product Description

-Resolution: 100 dpi to 600 dpi @ 24X; 100 dpi to 400 dpi @ 48X; 100 dpi to 400 dpi for 35mm, 24X.
-CCD Camera: 6,000 pixel linear array.
-Fiche Formats: Support all standard fiche types including jackets: COM, AB Dick and Microx; images can be 16mm or 35mm, positive or negative, Diazo, Silver, Vesicular duplicates and cine or comic mode.
-File Formats: All standard TIFF, CCITT 4, G3, G4 (bi-tonal) and JPEP for grayscale (true 256 shades of gray); Simultaneous output of Grayscale and Bitonal formats.
-Operating System: Windows XP utilizing Picture Elements/Mekel Scanner Controller Software. Quality Dell workstation (request current specs)


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